Located in Lavington, a suburb of Albury-Wodonga.

Making An Appointment

We endeavour to run on time for your appointments, please let staff know at the time of making an appointment if you feel you will need additional time for your appointment. Sometimes an emergency will make it impossible to run to time, if this should happen, where possible we will advise you of the length of the delay. It may be possible for you to see another doctor if they have an available time or another appointment can be made for your with your doctor of choice.

Where possible we will offer an appointment with your regular doctor, however, this is not always possible. If your regular doctor is booked, you will be offered their next available appointment time, or in the case of an emergency, an appointment will be offered with another available doctor within the practice. (PLEASE NOTE: Your medical records will be available to any doctor you see within either of our practices.)

Longer Appointments

If you have a complicated problem or multiple issues to discuss with your doctor then a longer appointment time should be booked. Please advise the receptionist at the time of your booking.


Due to the increased demand for services from our doctors, it is important that if you do not require an appointment you cancel in a timely manner so as that appointments may be offered to other patients.

Our practice has a Failure to Attend Fee of $50, which is only charged when an appointment is booked and not attended or if the appointment is cancelled with less than 2 hour notice given.

Emergency and Urgent Appointments

If you feel you need an urgent appointment or have an emergency please tell the receptionist. It is not always possible to see your usual doctor in emergency and urgent cases. If no appointment is immediately available our practice nurse will assess the urgency and arrange a suitable appointment.

We have every confidence in our team of doctors. If you have an urgent problem we would encourage you to feel confident in seeing the doctor on duty. For ongoing routine care you should continue to see your own doctor. For some doctors this will mean booking ahead.


Vaccines must be paid for at the time prior to the injection being given. Please enquire at reception at the time of booking for up to date costs of vaccines.

Home Visits and Telephone Access

In the instance where you are too sick to attend the surgery, home visits can be arranged via reception. It is usually not possible to do urgent house calls and in the instance of an emergency you will be required to call an ambulance.

Our doctors do not visit outside of a 10 km radius from the practice, and a fee applies.

Doctors may be contacted by phone during normal surgery hours, however, in most instances an appointment will be required. Please be aware that to minimise interruptions to other patients the staff will take your number so that you can be called back at a convenient time by either the doctor or one of our nurses. Staff will be required to note the reason for the requested call back.

Our practice nurses Kathy, Jenny and Wendy may provide general advice and follow up for some conditions over the phone. Please be sure that your query is straight-forward. We cannot make diagnoses over the phone.

SMS Reminders and Recalls

Our practice now sends SMS reminders for appointments and Recalls. A Recall notice will be sent if you are required to contact the practice and make an appointment for follow up on results or treatment.

If you receive a SMS from YourGP advising that you have a health message from The Doctors and to please click on a link or call our rooms, please ensure you respond as a matter of priority. You are receiving this message because your doctor requires you to make an appointment and be seen within 2 weeks to discuss your results. Depending on your GP, you may have a wait for your appointment and by delaying contact this will be extended.

You may OPT OUT of this service if you do not wish to receive contact via SMS.

Current Consultation Fees

(*Discounted for same day payment)

Standard Consultation $80* / $90
Long Consultation $115.25* / $125.25

Standard Consultation $57.60* / $67.60
Long Consultation $92.80* / $102.80

We give a $10 discount for same day payment, thus the 2 different amounts indicated above. Our fees are the Medicare Rebate for the appointment length and an out of pocket expense of:
Private Patients $42.40* / $52.40
Pensioners/Healthcare card holder $20* / $30


Failure to Attend Fee

A fee of $50 is charged if an appointment is not attended or cancelled outside the minimum requirement of 2 hours notice. This fee must be paid prior to the patients next appointment.

Cost of minor procedures

Please enquire at reception at the time of booking for a minor procedure for up to date costs. Facility fee of $60-$120 for all surgical procedures.

Costs of referred Services

As your doctor may refer you to an independent service provider from time to time, we are unable to provide you with the information regarding their billing policies. You are encouraged to call the referred service provider to obtain the costs involved in their services.