Our Values

We value...


Treat other team members as you want to be treated.

Treat patients as you would want to be treated.

All team members contributions are valued.

Team members have different expertise.

Respect for all team members and their decisions..


Friendly happy disposition towards all team members and visitors .

Behave in a positive and harmonious manner .

Changes are notified to all team and visitors where possible .


Display an orderly and neat work environment .

Monitor and review appointment bookings to ensure efficiencies.

Patient needs match GP expertise.

Thorough explanation to patients so they are fully informed.

Greet patients promptly.


Protect each other as you would yourself .

Consider the impact of your decisions and your behaviours.

Be dependable.

Assist the team achieving their individual accomplishments.

Remain focused on delivering an excellent service.


Acknowledge individual achievements

Appreciate accomplishments.

Understand mistakes happen; this creates learning opportunities.

Respond to mistakes quickly and appropriately without blame.

Respect individual differences.